Does just the thought of taking on your closet leave you feeling exhausted? After years of creating custom closets Ridgewood Closets has developed an easy method to quickly purge your closet. Here are 7 things sitting in your closet that you can get rid of right now:


  • Uncomfortable Shoes. We are talking about the pair of boots that leaves you feeling blistered or the sandals that just don’t fight right. No matter how much you love the way they look (or how much money you spent) it’s time for these uncomfortable shoes to go. Make yourself enough room to properly store the shoes you love to wear!
  • Clothes that just don’t fit. Whether it’s an old favorite from a few years back or an online ordering mishap, if the item simply doesn’t fit there is no use keeping it. No matter how much you love it chances are you always choose the pieces that fit you like a glove.
  • Tangled Jewelry. If you have a plethora of tangled necklaces and bracelets it is time to let the go – once and for all! If you aren’t willing to untangle the mess of silver and gold then you shouldn’t be willing to store it. This rule definitely deserves an *astriek* as it applies only to the collection of cheap, on-trend jewelry we all collect now and again.
  • Halloween Costumes. While some pieces are multi-purpose, some simply are not. If you’re holding onto pieces with the excuse they you could wear them for halloween it’s best to adopt a simple rule: if you can’t think of a specific costume then it’s time to get rid of it. For instance if you see a leather jacket and envision an amazing biker costume then hold onto it, but if that just isn’t a costume you’d ever wear than get rid of these “halloween” pieces.
  • Anything broken. This is similar to the tangled jewelry rule, if you have been holding onto it for months (or in some cases years) hoping to someday get the heel of shoe fixed or a dress hemmed it’s time to either finally fix it or finally toss it!
  • Clone clothing. Do you own ten pairs of black leggings? Or six grey sweaters? It’s okay — there is no problem having repeats in your wardrobe, but if you find yourself gravitating towards two or three of those sweaters more than the others maybe it’s time to pare down.
  • FREE merchandise. Unless the free hat, tote bag, or t-shirt has become one of your favorites it is time to once and for all remove the free items from your wardrobe. Typically these cheap, giveaways are never used and are taking up precious storage space.