Being organized: Nature vs Nurture

Here at Ridgewood Closets we’re running a new promotion to win a closet. And this offer has started a debate amongst our office staff about the emotive topic of clutter.

It would seem we are split down the middle between those who feel they could find any item within a 20 second period, and those who feel clutter seeps into the very fabric of family life.

Those who are organizationally-challenged argue that it is their personality or upbringing. They feel that spending 20 minutes searching for cleats, or that special tie, or some crucial paperwork has become part of life. Not a cherished part of life of course – for The Search creates even more clutter and chaos.

Those with a home for everything and space for storage believe that “the system maketh the home”. This half of the office believes that being organized is a learned skill. They embrace the mantra that regular clutter cleansing is both cathartic and practical. They bask in the glory of not having to frantically spruce up the house if an unexpected visitor comes calling.

Nature or nurture? Who knows? Whatever the answer, we’re pretty passionate here about giving you, your space, and your stuff the best chance of being organized. So like our Facebook page, and stand the chance of winning a closet worth $5k. For full promotional details plus terms and conditions, see


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