How did closets evolve over the years to todays modern custom closets? Did you know the Isreal Crane House in Montclair  was built in 1796, the Miller-Kingsland House in Booton was built in 1740, and the Steuben House in River Edge was built in 1752? The tri-state area has some of the oldest houses in the U.S. – as well as some of the smallest closets! Let’s take a look at how the closet came to be, why it may be missing from your older home, and how we at Ridgewood Closets can change your space today to your dream custom closet!

While it took hundreds of years for the closet to become what we know it as today, the first closet actually appeared in the Middle Ages. During the Middle Ages having a bedroom was a privilege only reserved for the wealthy.  Most people slept either on the floor of the single room that served as their kitchen, living room, dining room, and more! Only very wealthy people had bedrooms, and they used their bedrooms for sleeping, working and entertaining, meaning the bedroom was not a very private place. Where could you go if you wanted a little alone time? The closest! During the Medieval period the closet was a place for prayer, reading, and quiet contemplation – and a place was where you stored your treasured possessions.

In Europe the closet eventually disappeared. As houses grew larger, bedrooms became more prevalent, and other rooms afforded opportunities for privacy. The Puritans took the idea of a closet with them to the New World, simply as a place to store things. In the 1800s people did not own many articles of clothing and both men and women typically folder their clothes and stored them in dressers or trunks. For the few items that were hung they used hooks or coat racks.

While these colonial people had all the closet necessities – shelves, hooks, and drawers – they were not using closets themselves. Typically one closet could was used as storage for everything. While the tri-state area’s beautiful old homes may have fireplaces, hardwood floors, and amazing architectural details, what do you do if your old home has no closets? Call Ridgewood Closets and we can customize any space to fit your needs. Consider taking a few feet from any room to create custom floor to ceiling storage. What you lose in square footage you’ll gain in unbelievable, beautiful storage! Here at Ridgewood Closets we create custom storage, designed around your stuff and style. Floor to ceiling storage in a bedroom could be made to store clothes, books, bedding, and more!

Take a look at our products to see samples of the work we’ve done and how Ridgewood Closets can be incorporated into your home. Whether it’s a big or small space we are ready to transform your space.

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