Unfurl the flags, light up the fire pit and grill and look up in the sky for fireworks…..it’s (unofficially) summertime!!

How can one chill while manning the grill?  These pointers will help you to enjoy yourself and your company this summer.  The only sweat will be from the sun, not from the pressure you put on yourself to throw a successful outdoor gathering.

Think finger foods – the less utensils the less cleaning up you’ll have to do.  Hamburgers, Hot dogs, wings, corn on the cob and any type of kebob will eliminate the need for cumbersome forks and knives.  Watermelon slices, cherries and s’mores make for hassle free deserts.  Keep wet wipe packs on hand for easy finger and face clean ups.

Transport condiments and other serving items on trays, muffin tins or paper six pack drink sleeves.  It will be less time going in and out when you’re setting and cleaning up.

S’more time to relax and enjoy and less to tidy up.  Enjoy!


Written by Jodi Aishton | Space Therapy Montclair LLC