Fall brings along cooler weather, changing leaves, and…the return of our busy schedules! With tons of activities going on this time of year that means everyone will be spending more time in their car. This often overlooked space can end up overrun with unexpected clutter. Here are Ridgewood Closets tips on keeping your car clean.

1. Keep the cup holders clean by stealing some stuff from your kitchen! A silicone muffin cup makes a great cup holder liner. Place them at the bottom of your cup holder and since silicone muffin cups are flexible, they should be able to fit into any car.

2. A place that gets cluttered fast in the car is the center console. Keep it organized like your office with some acrylic desk trays! These will help keep your stuff separated and in place as you drive. 

3. Looking for some extra storage in your car? Try hanging a shoe organizer over the front seats. You may have to cut the shoe organizer to make it fit perfectly in your car. Then you’ll end up with a wall of pockets that are perfect for car essentials such as tissues, umbrellas, toys, and more!

4. Keep sports equipment in a basket in the trunk. As many kids play a range of sports their gear may roll around the trunk. To keep the trunk tidy leave a plastic crate or a basket for their balls, mitts, shinguards and helmets. And don’t forget a blanket for mom when watching those evening games.

We hope these tips help keep your car clean. Follow us on Facebook for even more tips, tricks, and inspiration.