History of the closet to the custom closet of today


How did closets evolve over the years to todays modern custom closets? Did you know the Isreal Crane House in Montclair  was built in 1796, the Miller-Kingsland House in Booton was built in 1740, and the Steuben House in River Edge was built in 1752? The tri-state area has [...]

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Take Back the Pantry


Don’t let the name fool you – Ridgewood Closets can tackle any room in your house – including the kitchen! This month we’ll be tackling a big problem area for so many – the pantry. Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchen, so there’s nothing better [...]

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Back to School


Fall is fast approaching and that means the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Don't get bombarded by the return of schoolwork and schedules instead get organized! Here at Ridgewood Closets we are sharing our favorite fall tips. 1: Put back to school in its place [...]

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Summer Clean Up


It's the final days of summer and that calls for an end of season clean up! Pool noodles, boogie boards, and sandy towels all going away for the season. The easiest way to keep things organized is to toss, clean, and store. 1: Toss any item that is broken [...]

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Chill Out


Unfurl the flags, light up the fire pit and grill and look up in the sky for fireworks…..it’s (unofficially) summertime!! How can one chill while manning the grill?  These pointers will help you to enjoy yourself and your company this summer.  The only sweat will be from the sun, not [...]

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Mom’s Love….


Breakfast in bed. Bonus points if the kitchen gets cleaned up. Homemade cards An organzed makeup drawer An organized mudroom Somone else to wash fold and put away the laundry. An organized pantry. An organized junk drawer. A full day outdoors without children arguing [...]

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The Forgotten Singles


It’s that time of the year when gloves and mittens start migrating to far away places.  Sometimes they return but often they’re gone for good.  When they return we gladly welcome them but we’ll never know about the adventures they’ve had without us.  If a single doesn’t return its’ mate is [...]

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Do Big, Start Small


The New Year always brings big plans and a lot of self-induced pressure.  The best way to really ‘do’ big this year is to start small – especially if you easily get overwhelmed. You’ll feel more of a sense of accomplishment by getting smaller things done than by having [...]

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It’s a Wrap!


It’s the homestretch of the year but before you cross the 2016 finish line you first have to get through the frenetic holiday season that’s here. While you’re running around making lists, checking them twice, putting in multiple online orders and receiving multiple packages on a daily basis don’t forget that [...]

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Meet the Masons


 Did you know that Mason has been in the top 10 names of newborn boys for the past three years in the U.S., according to babynames.com?  The name is French in origin and means to lay either stone or brick. Besides the name Mason being very popular, the object, The [...]

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