History of the closet to the custom closet of today


How did closets evolve over the years to todays modern custom closets? Did you know the Isreal Crane House in Montclair  was built in 1796, the Miller-Kingsland House in Booton was built in 1740, and the Steuben House in River Edge was built in 1752? The tri-state area has [...]

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Take Back the Pantry


Don’t let the name fool you – Ridgewood Closets can tackle any room in your house – including the kitchen! This month we’ll be tackling a big problem area for so many – the pantry. Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchen, so there’s nothing better [...]

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The Bag Lady


Handbags are kind of like shoes when it comes to thinking you don’t have all that many but when you do an actual inventory there are three times as many as you think.  While we often have one to three handbags in our regular rotation there are many more [...]

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Where do I put my stuff?


Do you think you don’t have ample storage space?  Truth is you may just not know how to use your storage spaces efficiently. Often it’s heavily trafficked areas that are housing items that are rarely used.  I’ve seen an entire kitchen cabinet filled with never used serving pieces and/or small kitchen appliances that only [...]

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Kid Explosion


Why is it when you’re family expands the rules of basic math don’t apply? 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 2+2=Explosion!!!  Am I right? Little babies = BIG stuff .  Toddlers, bigger kids plus little babies = chaos. The trick is to do your best to prepare for the explosion of your new arrival [...]

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So Many Sports, So Little Room


Spring has sprung and sports season has officially kicked off. It seems that with every sport comes different gear, different shoes and different helmets. Where are you going to put it all so you can find it and grab and go when it’s time to hit the track, field or [...]

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So you got a new closet… now what!


After getting a brand new, custom closet, it is important to properly utilize all of your new found space! Aside from filling your closet with all those cute heels you've been eyeing, there are so many different storage options that can help optimize your space and your time. All options [...]

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Organizing Your Pantry


These tips will keep your pantry clean and neat, but also organized and free of clutter. To keep your pantry clean and organized you should put the things you use on an everyday basis within easy access. Keep like with like, such as putting teas and coffees or baking ingredients [...]

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