Gift Guide


It’s nearly the beginning of winter! With the new season comes colder weather, the beginning of winter activities, and of course the holiday season. No matter which holiday you are celebrating this season chances are you will be giving and receiving gift. Here at Ridgewood Closets we value organization [...]

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Mom’s Love….


Breakfast in bed. Bonus points if the kitchen gets cleaned up. Homemade cards An organzed makeup drawer An organized mudroom Somone else to wash fold and put away the laundry. An organized pantry. An organized junk drawer. A full day outdoors without children arguing [...]

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It’s a Wrap!


It’s the homestretch of the year but before you cross the 2016 finish line you first have to get through the frenetic holiday season that’s here. While you’re running around making lists, checking them twice, putting in multiple online orders and receiving multiple packages on a daily basis don’t forget that [...]

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Operation gift hiding


Operation gift hiding: mission impossible or not WANTED…..hidden staircase in the study of my massive house that leads to massive covert crafting room in the basement where I store all of my crafting accessories, gift wrap and holiday presents that I’ve already purchased that need to be hidden from my [...]

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