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Snow Day


What a difference a couple of weeks make these days….. Earlier this month, ice cubes were being flushed down the toilet, pajamas worn inside out and backwards and white crayons placed in every window of our home with the hope that these rituals would ensure that school would be closed.   It [...]

Snow Day2017-03-10T18:42:37+00:00

The Bag Lady


Handbags are kind of like shoes when it comes to thinking you don’t have all that many but when you do an actual inventory there are three times as many as you think.  While we often have one to three handbags in our regular rotation there are many more [...]

The Bag Lady2017-02-14T17:24:03+00:00

The Forgotten Singles


It’s that time of the year when gloves and mittens start migrating to far away places.  Sometimes they return but often they’re gone for good.  When they return we gladly welcome them but we’ll never know about the adventures they’ve had without us.  If a single doesn’t return its’ mate is [...]

The Forgotten Singles2017-01-16T19:31:36+00:00

Do Big, Start Small


The New Year always brings big plans and a lot of self-induced pressure.  The best way to really ‘do’ big this year is to start small – especially if you easily get overwhelmed. You’ll feel more of a sense of accomplishment by getting smaller things done than by having [...]

Do Big, Start Small2017-01-05T18:30:19+00:00

It’s a Wrap!


It’s the homestretch of the year but before you cross the 2016 finish line you first have to get through the frenetic holiday season that’s here. While you’re running around making lists, checking them twice, putting in multiple online orders and receiving multiple packages on a daily basis don’t forget that [...]

It’s a Wrap!2016-12-07T16:49:11+00:00

Meet the Masons


 Did you know that Mason has been in the top 10 names of newborn boys for the past three years in the U.S., according to babynames.com?  The name is French in origin and means to lay either stone or brick. Besides the name Mason being very popular, the object, The [...]

Meet the Masons2016-11-02T03:30:18+00:00

Where do I put my stuff?


Do you think you don’t have ample storage space?  Truth is you may just not know how to use your storage spaces efficiently. Often it’s heavily trafficked areas that are housing items that are rarely used.  I’ve seen an entire kitchen cabinet filled with never used serving pieces and/or small kitchen appliances that only [...]

Where do I put my stuff?2016-11-02T03:34:15+00:00

Back To What!?


How many ice cream cones have you eaten all summer?  Is that the extent of the math lessons in your house this summer? It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down and it’s time to start gearing up for back to school.  As parents it’s important that we wrap [...]

Back To What!?2016-10-30T22:47:46+00:00

Kid Explosion


Why is it when you’re family expands the rules of basic math don’t apply? 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 2+2=Explosion!!!  Am I right? Little babies = BIG stuff .  Toddlers, bigger kids plus little babies = chaos. The trick is to do your best to prepare for the explosion of your new arrival [...]

Kid Explosion2016-10-30T22:47:46+00:00

So Many Sports, So Little Room


Spring has sprung and sports season has officially kicked off. It seems that with every sport comes different gear, different shoes and different helmets. Where are you going to put it all so you can find it and grab and go when it’s time to hit the track, field or [...]

So Many Sports, So Little Room2016-10-30T22:47:46+00:00
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